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We are cutting down drastically on our gas consumption: "Prepare for every possible scenario next winter"

High prices for natural gas have urged all players - both individuals and the industry - to reduce their gas consumption drastically. Families and middle-sized companies consumed almost 20 percent less, while big industrial players did it with almost 12 percent less during the first half of 2022. Power plants generating electricity had the biggest fall. 

The spectacular price hike due to the war in the Ukraine has had an effect on our personal gas consumption. Many families turned the room temperature down to save some gas. This was revealed by the federal Enegery Minister Tinne Van der Straeten yesterday as she was speaking in parliament. The minister had asked gas suppliers Fluxys for more details on our gas consumption. 

What did the figures reveal? 

  • power plants: -26.5 percent natural gas consumption
  • families and small- and middle-sized companies: -18.3 percent
  • big industrial players: -11.2 percent
  • the Belgian average gas consumption (January-June)  is over 18 percent down on the same period last year
  • gas suppliers add that the mild temperatures this winter and spring may also have played a role

Families are responsible for more than half of the total gas consumption in Belgium. The minister expects the falling demand to continue for a while. "Prices will remain high and may even rise further if Putin decides to completely shut off European gas supplies", Van der Straeten said. "We are preparing for every possible scenario."

Earlier, the Belgian government launched a campaign with tips to cut down on energy consumption at home. Not only Belgium, but also other countries are focusing on natural gas: the Netherlands are believed to have reduced consumption with a quarter. 

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