10 found guilty in Belgian trial about Paris attacks

10 of 14 accused were found guilty by judges at the Justitia building, a special courthouse in the Brussels area set up  to treat the Belgian terrorist attacks - but also treating part of the Paris attacks. The heaviest punishment was for a man who helped Salah Abdeslam to have a place to stay. 

Apart from the big trial in Paris, a smaller one took place in the Justitia building in the former NATO premises in Evere. This court case concentrated on the small fish, mainly people who were accused of having helped the 'real' Paris 2015 terrorists in one way or another - sometimes without realising the impact of what they did, or without knowing they were actually facilitating the preparation of a terrorist rage. It is about delivering documents or weapons, among other things. 

10 of the 14 accused were found guilty. Among them was the nephew of  Salah Abdeslam - the main suspect in the bigger Paris terrorist trial - who offered him a place to stay at his home in Molenbeek. Salah Abdeslam would later be arrested in that house. The man got a three-year suspended sentence, the heaviest one of the 10 convicted people. 

Ibrahim Abrini, the younger brother of Mohamed Abrini - who played a role in the Zaventem attacks - was also convicted. He is believed to have helped his brother to stay out of the hands of the police and got a two-year suspended sentence. 

The Justitia building will serve as the venue for the big trial on the Brussels terrorist attacks of 2016 - in the Maalbeek metro station and at the national airport in Zaventem, 32 people got killed in the different bomb blasts 6 years ago. That trial will kick off in October. This smaller trial served as a test for the bigger event later this year.  

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