Swimmer dies in Netekanaal in Ranst

A 26-year-old man has died when he went out for a swim on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. The man had jumped from a bridge at the Netekanaal in Ranst (Antwerp province) but never emerged. Specialised teams found his body about one hour later. 

The tragic incident occurred at "Emblem Beach", a stretch of beach at the Nete canal near Emblem bridge. It is a place where youngsters gather in summertime when the weather is good. 

It is officially forbidden to swim there, but because of a great shortage of places for swimming in open water in Flanders, youngsters still flock to the place to take a dip. The victim possibly died due to a cold shock, because of the big temperature difference between the water at the surface and deeper, cool water. 

By-standers alerted the police immediately when the man did not emerge from the water, but this was of no avail. Members of the fire services discovered the body about an hour later. The local authorities said that it is strictly forbidden to swim there, also because ships are using the canal.  

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