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The Werchter music festival has started!

This morning, the doors opened at the Werchter music festival site. Rock Werchter (Femish Brabant) is one of Belgium's biggest music festivals. It will cover four days, with almost 90,000 festival-goers expected each day. 

Organisers managed to attract some big names, including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam. Metallica had been scheduled, but it is uncertain if the band will play after a case of corona. The festival boasts four different stages for a total of some 100 performances. 

Festival-goers staying multiple days brought their tent to spend the night. They will have to cough up some money: a four-day ticket set them back 266 euros, a pint of lager costs 3.5 euros and chips 7 euros. Most of them don't mind: they are delighted to be back at the festival after 3 years, and had the opportunity to save some extra money. 

Organisers introduced some novelties: they arranged two night trains to reduce CO2 emissions, encouraged festival-goers to come by bike or take public transport, and made efforts to reduce the waste. They also focused on saving energy: one stage (The Slope) will mainly work on green energy which is being generated locally. Festival-goers also make a contribution each time they go to the toilet: the toilet waste will be used to create green energy. 

Watch the first arrivals at the festival site here:

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