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New rules in force for e-scooters

During the past couple of years, the use of electronic scooters have increased greatly. While some subscribe to the scooter-share services provided by companies in many cities and larger towns, others have purchased their own scooter. E-scooters offer a speedy and cheap solution for those wishing to travel short distance. 

Furthermore, the use of e-scooters can easily be combined with public transport for those wishing to make longer trips. However, the increase in popularity of e-scooters has raised questions about the safety of both those on the scooters and others that use the roads and pavements.

With this in mind the government has brought in new rules for those using e-scooters. The rules come into force from today (1 July 2022). The aim is to improve road safety and to reduce the number of accidents involving e-scooter users.

From today anyone under the age of 16 will be prohibited from driving an e-scooter. Exceptions to this rule are made for pedestrianised areas, private residential areas, recreational areas and cycle paths that are completely separate from the roads such as the cycle super-highway paths in Flanders and the Ravel cycle/walking paths in Wallonia.

It is now also forbidden to ride e-scooters on pavements and for more than one person at a time to be on an e-scooter. Also, from today signs will be put up indicating where parking e-scooters is banned.  Elsewhere, the parking of e-scooters will be allowed on pavements providing that it doesn’t obstruct pedestrians.

The rules apply not only to e-scooters, but to all motorised vehicles with one or more wheel and whose maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.


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