Still no evidence found of needle spiking at football match between KV Mechelen and KRC Genk

The investigation into a suspected needle spiking incident during the First Division Europe Play-off game between KV Mechelen and KRC Genk in May has found no evidence of any wrong-doing. The news that as yet no evidence of noxious substances having been administered has been found was released by the Antwerp Judicial Authorities on Friday morning. 

During the match in late May 14 people became unwell. Of these some were young women and girls. 8 people became so ill that they required hospital treatment. Some of those that became ill said that they had felt being pricked. 

An investigation was launched into suspected needle spiking. Initial blood tests carried on the alleged victims found no evidence of drugs or other substances having been administered. Now the Judicial Authorities say that as things stand no further evidence has been found. 

In addition to blood tests the alleged victims have also been examined by a police surgeon. Detectives have also examined CCTV footage from the stadium. However, medics have fund no evidence of either poisoning nor traces of any of the alleged victims having been pricked by a needle. 

Some did have wounds that looked like traces of them having been jabbed. However, these could equally have been caused by insect bites. The results of a more thorough analyse of the alleged victims’ blood is expected later this month. 

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