Bart Swerts

Fly-tippers target Sonian Forest

Forest wardens have discovered 140 tyres dumped in the Sonian Forest. The incident comes after thousands of tyres were dumped in Halle Forest, south of Brussels, earlier in the month.

The forest wardens from the Brussels environment department discovered the tyres dumped in a ditch not far from the Red Priory last week.  Fly-tippers favour the roads heading into the wood to dump their wares.  But forest warden Bart Swerts says that in the whole time he’s been in the job he’s never seen tyres being dumped in these numbers.

In recent weeks thousands of tyres were discarded in Halle Forest, south of the capital, while earlier tyres were dumped near the municipal park Neromhof in Meise (Flemish Brabant), north of Brussels. 

Bart Swerts: “The damage to the environment is limited, but it gives us a lot of work.  Seven of us have been busy clearing up the tyres this morning. Then we have to contact the refuse company Net Brussel to come and collect the tyres.  This is all time we could have spent on essential work like taking care of seeds we have planted”.

It's unclear who dumped the tyres.  The suspicion is somebody is getting paid to collect the tyres and take them to the recycle park, but instead decides to dump them just anywhere pocketing the cash.

Forest wardens have contacted the local police to check CCTV footage and possibly identify the culprits’ vehicle. Fines for fly-tipping in beauty spots range from 62 euros to 62,500 euros depending on the nature of the discarded waste.

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