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Soot particles from industrial fire being analysed for trace of asbestos

There are concerns that asbestos may have been released into the air after a serious fire at the skip hire company Sidegro in the West Flemish town of Roeselare. The cause of the fire is a yet unknown. Despite the intensity of the blaze no one was injured in the fire. 

The Fire Service was able to bring the fire under control relatively quickly. As some of the roof of the warehouse where the fire raged is made out of sheeting that contains asbestos, local residents were asked to keep their windows and doors closed.

The fire produced a huge cloud of smoke that in turn spread soot particles over a wide area. The particles are currently being analysed for traces of asbestos. 

The Mayor of Roeselare Kris Declercq (Christian democrat) told VRT News that “We advise people not to touch the soot particles. The town council has asked a specialised firm to clear the particles that have descended on the surrounding streets". 

Those that live within a 500-metre radius of the scene of the fire will receive a visit from council officials during the course of today (Friday).

The council says that the fire stated in domestic waste that was being stored at the site. How the waste came to catch fire is as yet unknown.


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