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Truck driver films life-threatening overtaking manoeuvre on West Flemish road

The dashcam of a lorry that was travelling along a road in the village of Pervijze, near Diksmuide has filmed a car driver performing an overtaking manoeuvre that was as dangerous as it was irresponsible. The trucker was driving along the Pervijzestraat on Thursday evening when suddenly he was overtaken by a car travelling a high speed. 

The car only narrowly avoided colliding with an oncoming vehicle. The dashcam images have caused outrage on social media and now the police that have launched an investigation into reckless driving incident.

The lorry driver was travelling along the  Pervijzestraat at around 6PM on Thursday when he was suddenly overtaken by a BMW car. The driver of the BMW only just managed to avoid colliding another car coming from the opposite direction.

After having seen the images officers from the Polder Local Police Service look at ANPR-camera footage from the area and were able to trace the identity of the BMW driver. A crime report was drafted. Shortly afterwards the man contacted the police to apologise for his reckless behaviour behind the wheel. He will give a statement to the police. 

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