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Will Smith among guests the wedding of Adil El Arbi and Loubna Khalkhali

The well-know and since a certain incident at this year’s Oscar’s much maligned Hollywood star Will Smith was among the guests at the wedding reception of the Brussels film director Adil El Arbi and the VRT News journalist Loubna Khalkhali. The couple officially got married last year but decided to hold a reception for their families and friends in the Moroccan city of Tanger. Both have Moroccan heritage and still have family in the country. 

Adil El Arbi studied film in Brussels and has made a name for himself as a film director both at home and abroad. Loubna Khalkhali works here at VRT News where she follows foreign stories.

Together with his colleague and friend Bilal Fallah Adil El Arbi has made several successful films including, Image, Black, Patser and Bad Boys for Life. It was Bad Boys for Life that saw Adil El Arbi work with Will Smith and he was there in Tanger to wish the happy couple all the best.

Also at the wedding were the Flemish actress Eline De Munck, the VRT’s veteran foreign editor Rudi Vranckx and the film director Michaël Roskam.



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