Commanding lead for Union ahead of second leg against Rangers

Union beat Rangers 2-0 in the preliminary round of the Champions League last night. 

The Belgian deputy champions shone on the European stage with goals from Teuma and Vanzeir.  The Belgians are well placed to take on the Scots in the return match at Ibrox next week.

The crucial goal came after the referee awarded a disputed penalty judging Glasgow hands had touched the ball.  Dante Vanzeir put 2-0 on the board in the 77th minute giving the Brussels team a commanding lead ahead of their trip to Scotland.

But it was Teddy Teuma who dominated the pitch during much of the match bringing calm when needed and upping the pace to secure a first Union goal in the 28th minute.

Union haven’t played in Europe for 58 years and after unusual success in the home competition are now clearly eager to make their mark in Europe.

Philippe Crochet
Philippe Crochet

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