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Antwerp rocked by two nighttime explosions

Explosions could be heard in two separate districts of Antwerp last night.  A first explosion occurred in the Volkstraat in central Antwerp, while a second blast caused damage on the Turnhoutsebaan in Deurne. The attacks may be linked to drug-trafficking.

“It was around 3:15AM that police received a report from the Volkstraat.  This was repeated at 3:40. This time the location was the Turnhoutsebaan in Deurne” says Kristof Aerts of Antwerp prosecutors.

“We are examining the explosives to see if there is a link between the two blasts”.

Two separate investigations have been launched but they may later be merged.

“Two examining magistrates have been appointed.  Federal judicial police are investigating both cases”.

Nobody was injured in the blasts though there was material damage that was significant on the Turnhoutsebaan.  A hairdresser’s salon and the entrance to a block of flats were damaged.

Foto: Radio 2

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