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Brussels families involved in fisticuffs at Ghent Blaarmeersen

Two police officers are injured after two families came to blows at the Blaarmeersen recreation park in Ghent, capital of East Flanders, yesterday.  Police made three arrests.  The brawl started outside the supervised swimming zone.

“Around 5:30PM police received a report about a fight at the Blaarmeersen” says alderwoman Sofie Bracke. 

Two families from Brussels were involved in an altercation that turned violent. 

“In all a score of people took part in the fight, members of the two families but also onlookers who also intervened” says Ms Bracke. 

Police detained three suspects, though two officers sustained light injuries during the arrest.

“Fortunately the officers are back at work today,” said the alderwoman.

The three suspects were taken to the police station for questioning and charge sheets were issued.  Prosecutors will now decide how the case proceeds. 

Ms Bracke says the brawl was the result of a dispute that got out of hand.  It’s not quite clear what the dispute was about.  The alderwoman is thankful police were able to intervene quickly and restore calm. 

Spring and summer have already been marred by several incidents at the popular Blaarmeersen.  Until now all incidents centred on the supervised swimming area and the beach when large crowds gathered.   

The City of Ghent and the park’s management took extra security measures as a result.  There are more security guards as well as a larger police presence.  This is the first incident outside the supervised zone.

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