Heatwave forecast from Sunday, temperatures above 30°C from Tuesday

Following a couple of days respite today and tomorrow, high temperatures are forecast to return on Sunday. A heatwave is forecast for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Tuesday temperatures are expected to top 30°C and above a situation that is likely to persist through Wednesday and Thursday. Meanwhile, the weather will remain dry. 

The heatwave will get under way on Sunday with temperatures reaching around 25°C. 

It will be warmer still on Monday with top temperatures of 27°C or 28°C being forecast. On Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, we can expect temperatures or 30°C and above. 

The definition of a heat wave

A heatwave occurs when maximum temperatures reach 25°C and above on more than 5 consecutive days and when at least 3 days are “tropical” with maximum temperatures above 30°C.  The longest heatwave since records began in 1901 was in 1947. It lasted 19 days, from 10 to 28 August. There were an additional three shorter heatwaves during the same summer. 

It is possible that next week’s heatwave could last longer than 5 days. The VRT’s weatherman Frank Debossere told VRT News that “After next Friday the chance of a shower or a thunderstorm will increase. However, the heatwave will continue as long as temperature remain above 25°C. 

Cooler today and tomorrow

Before the heatwave gets under way we can expect cooler temperatures than we have become used to recently. Friday will be cloudy with the chance of some showers in the west and the southeast of the country early in the day. 

It will then be dry everywhere with some sunny intervals. Maximum temperatures will reach 18°C on the High Fens and 24°C in the Kempen area in Limburg and Antwerp provinces.

Friday evening and Friday night will be dry and clear with temperatures falling to between 6°C and 13°C.

Saturday will be sunny with maximum temperatures of between 19°C and 24°C. 

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