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TotalEnergies to recycle Antwerp’s wastewater

In few years’ time, the oil and gas company TotalEnergies will have all but stopped using mains water at its facility in the Port of Antwerp. Instead, the company’s water requirements will be met by recycling the wastewater of around 280,000 people in Antwerp. By recycling wastewater TotalEnergies will save around 9 billion litres of mains water each year. In order to make this ambitious plan become reality the company signed a contract with the company responsible for the mains water supply in the Antwerp area Water-Link.

Water-Link has teamed up with Aquafin, Ekopak and PMV in the development of the “Waterkracht” (Water Power” project. If all goes to plan the project should be up and running by 2025.

The aim is to ensure that there is always enough mains water for the needs people of Antwerp and its environs. A way of achieving this is to use wastewater from Antwerp homes for industrial processes carried out at production facilities such as TotalEnergies’ plant at the Port of Antwerp.  

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