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Brussels-bound A12 motorway in Wilrijk to be closed for 4 days from Saturday evening

Roadworks on the A12 motorway in the Antwerp district of Wilrijk will cause the closure of the Brussels-bound carriageway of the motorway from 8pm on Saturday until Wednesday. The work is being carried out at the junction of the motorway with the Atomiumlaan. The work will continue next weekend (13,14,15 August) and the following weekend (20,21 August). The road is to be resurfaced and the junction reorganised. On Wednesday 10 August work will commence on the Wilrijk Viaduct. 

Tailbacks are expected on both the A12 and the adjacent Boomsesteenweg in Wilrijk on Saturday evening. This weekend work will be carried out on the Brussels-bound carriageway, next weekend the Antwerp-bound carriageway will be closed.

Stefanie Nagels of the Flemish Roads and Traffic Agency told VRT News that in addition to resurfacing work the junction between the A12 and the Atomiumlaan is being reorganised. 

"Currently it’s not possible to turn left from the Atomiumlaan to join the Brussel-bound carriageway of the motorway. You have to turn right there and turn around a little further on. One the modifications have been made you’ll be able to turn left and join the Brussels-bound A12. The changes will ensure that the traffic is better spread out”. 

Wilrijk Viaduct

On Wednesday work will get under way on the A12’s Wilrijk Viaduct. Here too resurfacing work will be carried out and around a dozen cross joints will be replaced. 

The work should ensure that traffic using the viaduct makes less noise and as such causes less disturbance to those living nearby. During the work on the viaduct more than one lane will remain open to traffic in both directions.


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