Fugitive murderer arrested in Anderlecht

The Federal Police Fugitive Active Search Team (FAST) and officers from the Brussels South Local Police Service have detained a man convicted of murder in June who has been on the run since before he was sentenced. On 18 June, a court sentenced Damian Werengowski to 20 years imprisonment for murder. Not long before he was sentenced, he took of the electronic tag he been issued with as part of his bail conditions and fled. 

Police say that Mr Werengowski’s arrest passed without incident and that he has since been taken to Sint-Gillis prison where he will serve his sentence.  

On 31 March 2019 at around 1am Michal Lenard, a Polish national aged 22 was stabbed to death in front of his family. Four hooded men armed with knives and hammers went to Mr Lenard’s mother’s house, where he also lived, in the Maesstraat in the Brussels municipality of Elsene. He was attacked in front of his mother, his partner and her three-year-old daughter. Mr Lenard was stabbed 10 times. His pericardium was ruptured, causing his death.

Damian Werengowski did not turn up to his trial at the Court of Assizes in Brussels. He was convicted of murder and sentenced in his absence to 20 years’ imprisonment.

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