Paris Hilton via Instagram

Paris Hilton poses on an e-scooter in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange building

At the moment it would appear that Brussels is the place to be if you want to spot global celebrities. Just a month after the Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger shared photographs of his arrival in our capital on social media, none other than Paris Hilton has posted a snapshot of herself posing on a e-scooter belonging to the scooter share operator Bolt. 

The photograph was taken in front of the former stock exchange building in the heart of Brussels. Like Mike Jagger, Paris Hilton was in Belgium for a performance, in her a set at last month’s Tomorrowland music festival.

Although her set was last Sunday, Paris Hilton has clearly taken the time to get to know Belgium better.

On her Instagram account she has shared photos of herself posing on the square in front of the former stock exchange

Paris Hilton via Instagram

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