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Local resident detained in investigation into triple murder at Kessel-Lo has been released

The Leuven Judicial Authorities have searched a property near to a house where three people were found dead in June. The resident of the property that was searched was taken in for questioning, the Leuven Judicial Authorities’ spokeswoman Sarah Callewaert told VRT News on Friday. On Saturday it was announced that the person has since been released. 

During the night of Friday 10 June, the emergency services received a call from a man that said that he had been stabbed. When they arrived at a house on the Zavelstraat in Kessel-Lo the emergency services found the bodies of a 54-year-old woman, her 23-year-old son and a 47-year-old family friend that had been visiting them. All three victims had died from what was described as “an inhuman number of stab wounds” .

Initially it was believed that the victims had been killed in an act of extreme domestic violence. However, it soon become evident that the killer was someone from outside the household. Two days after the killings a man and a woman were detained and questioned. However, it transpired that they had had nothing to do with what had happened.

On Friday, the Judicial Authorities searched a property in the Zavelstraat in Kessel-Lo. Detectives were at the house all day and a resident of the house was taken away for questioning. On Friday afternoon the Leuven Judicial Authorities Spokeswoman Sarah Callewaert said that the person that had been taken away would not be questioned straight away. Ms Callewaert was not at liberty to disclose whether or not the person is suspected of having carried out the fatal stabbings.

The person has since been released. 

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