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German diplomat quizzed about Belgian husband’s death in Rio

Police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro are investigating the death of a 53-year-old Belgian man in one of the city’s most upmarket districts. Walter Biot and died on Friday. His husband, the German Consul Uwe Herbert H. says that Mr Biot became ill before suddenly dying. However, it seems that the Brazilian police don’t believe him. Brazilian media report that the German diplomat has been arrested on suspicion of murder.  

A Belgian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has confirmed Mr Biot’s death. He and his German husband had been married for 20 years and the Brazilian newspaper Globo reports that they lived in a penthouse flat in an upmarket area of Rio de Janeiro, near to the beach. The German contacted the emergency services on Friday evening after Mr Biot had “become ill and stumbled” injuring his head. 

The German diplomat said that his husband drank a lot and took sleeping pills. By the time ambulance crews arrived Mr Biot was already dead. The Brazilian police reportedly believe that there are a number of factors that point to the Belgian having died a violent death. 

Blood on the walls

One Brazilian newspaper reports that the diplomat’s secretary cleaned the flat before the emergency services arrived. She reportedly told police that she did so because the couple’s dog was licking at a pool of blood. Photographs of the flat that have been posted on Insagram show blood on the walls and on the furniture.

A post-mortem found that Mr Biot had a wound on the back of his head and his neck and that he had bruises on his face, chest, stomach, legs and thighs.

The German diplomat was taken in for questioning by police. Several Brazilian newspaper report that 62-year-old Uwe Herbert H. has been arrested on suspicion of murder. 

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