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Man dies in glider crash in Hainaut Province

Pilot error has caused a glider to crashed at  Maubray Airfield, in Antoing (Hainaut Province). News of the fatal crash was released by the Public Prosecutor’s Office earlier on Sunday afternoon. 

The accident happened on Saturday at around 3.45 pm on the runway at the Maubray Airfield. The glider crashed during takeoff. The pilot of the glider had obtained his pilot’s license in 2021.

The Tournai-Mons Public Prosecutor's Office sent a forensic pathologist and an aeronautical expert to the scene of the accident. The wreckage of the glider has been impounded and is now being stored in a hangar. Investigators will return to the airfield next week to examine the remains of the aircraft.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Daniel Verheyen told journalists that "The glider took off using a winch operated by the pilot. The glider was not pulled by another aircraft. According to the initial findings of the aeronautical expert, the pilot took off too fast and went up too fast. While the slope at takeoff should be 45°, it was 80° degrees in this case. This caused the aircraft to stall."


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