Mischa Schoemaker

Princess Delphine says that she was misquoted in the British press

King Filip’s half-sister Princess Delphine has used her Instagram account to firmly deny comments she allegedly made in a British press interview. The interview quotes her as having said that people compare her with the late Diana Princess of Wales because she too is a “princess of hearts”. 

The controversy began a couple of days ago when the British tabloid ‘The Daily Mail’ published an article in which it took several quotes from an interview given by Princess Delphine to the society magazine ‘Tatler’. 

Some of the interview concern the long-draw-out battle by Princess Delphine to gain recognition as the daughter of King Albert II. 

During the years of legal wranglings she did not always have Belgian public opinion on her side. However, she said that this has now changed. The Daily Mail quotes her as saying “The public now compare me to Princess Diana, because I am a ‘princess of hearts’ and am generous with my charitable work”

In a BBC interview Diana Princess of Wales once expressed the wish that people should view her as being a ‘queen of hearts'. The quote appears to show a desire on the part of Princess Delphine to link herself to Princess Diana’s legacy. The 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death is coming up at the end of the month.

Princess Delphine is not happy that what she says is a misquote has been widely circulated by the British press and by some publications in other countries too.

On Instagram Princess Delphine wrote "I will not accept this misquote that is going around in the press. I normally do not speak out about misquotes, but this is just wrong. It’s taken out of context. I would never compare myself to Princess Dianna, who I greatly admire. We have very different stories and I would never call myself a ‘Princess of hearts’ as the press is now claiming”.

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