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The heatwave has officially started and it could last for 8 days

What has been forecast for several days now is under way. What will be the first heatwave of 2022 has officially kicked off. Temperatures at the Royal Meteorological Institute’s Ukkel (Brussels) weather centre exceed 25°C just after 2pm. With all the forecasters saying that the weather will get even warmer during the coming days, Tuesday 9 August will go down as the first day of Belgium’s August 2022 heatwave. 

The heat wave could go on for as long as 8 days. However, there is some hope for those that find it difficult to cope with the heat.

The definition of a heatwave

But what is a heatwave? Officially a heatwave is defined as a period during which temperatures have exceeded 25°C on at least five consecutive days, of which temperatures of 30°C were recorded on at least three days. 

A maximum temperature in Ukkel of 24.9°C on Monday meant that yesterday fell just short. However, today (Tuesday) has seen temperatures rise above 25°C at the weather centre and the heatwave has officially started.

“The heatwave will be intense”

The VRT’s weatherman Bram Verbruggen says that the heatwave will be intense. The area of high pressure that is giving us the sunny and dry weather is set to tilt a little during the next few days. This means that the wind will veer more to the east and even to the southeast rather than to the northeast as is currently the case. As this wind will bring with it continental air it will become hotter every day.

"A major heat wave has started. From Wednesday temperatures will reac 30°C and more. The peak will be reached during the weekend. Then we will see temperatures reach 34°C or 35°C.", Bram Verbruggen said.

Heatwave to last more than a week?

There will be no change in the weather until Monday. “Then it will become a bit more changeable, but temperatures will remain close to 30°C. It won’t be until next Wednesday that temperatures will fall below 25°C again", the VRT’s weatherman says. Only then that the heatwave will be officially over.

Meanwhile, we will not see a spot of rain until next Monday when there will be a chance of a few localised thunderstorm.

On the plus side humidity levels will remain relatively low. Furthermore, night temperatures will fall well below 20°C, meaning that most of us will be able to get a decent night’s sleep.


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