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First woman diagnosed with monkeypox in Belgium

Belgium has a first female case of monkeypox, the Health Institute Sciensano has confirmed. The number of cases did not rise dramatically on the week. "In the coming weeks we will know whether there is a possible stagnation or even a drop", Boudewijn Catry of Sciensano told a press briefing.  

The number of confirmed monkeypox cases in Belgium has climbed to 546, an increase of 64 on the week or 13 percent. The week before had still seen an increase of 89 (+22 percent). Most cases are men aged between 16 and 71, who had sex with other men. Belgium has a first case of a women with monkeypox now, but this is not a first. 

Boudewijn Catry of Sciensano hopes that decline of the growth rate marks the start of a further drop in the coming weeks. 

The federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish socialist) told a press conference that the vaccination campaign is going well. He estimates that about 300 patients who are at risk have been vaccinated already. 

 Belgium will have to cope with 3,040 vaccines until October, when a new lot of about 30,000 doses should arrive. Meanwhile, many Belgians have got a vaccine abroad, like in northern France. 

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