Beware of spring tides during the forthcoming long weekend

The Lifeguard Service has issued a warning about spring tides along the Flemish coast this weekend. With temperatures set to remain high and the sun set to shine, many people will head for the coast. Monday 15 August is a public holiday so many of us will also be able to enjoy a long weekend

However, those that venture into the sea should be aware that spring tides, where water levels rise very quickly, are due this weekend. Furthermore, An Beun of the West Flanders Intermunicipal Coastal Rescue Service (IKWV) told VRT News that “There will also be a serious level of wind on the coast. This combination makes the sea even more dangerous and treacherous."

Coast guards and lifeguards will be on high alert during what will be a top weekend for tourism at the coastal resorts of West Flanders. Spring tides are expected to combine with strong winds to make for treacherous conditions.

"The sea will rise very quickly and be fairly turbulent, especially in combination with the winds that have been forecast. So be sure to swim in a guarded area. The lifeguards can keep a close eye on you there and if you get into trouble, they will be with you quickly. And if you cannot swim well, don't go too deep into the sea, because the strong currents can easily knock you over”, An Beun told VRT News.

Less room on the beach

It will be very busy at the seaside this weekend. But due to the spring tide, there will also be less space on the beach. The lifeguards recommend that you sit on the dry sand. "Those who are not sitting on dry sand could be surprised by the rapidly rising water", Ms Beun said.

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