120,000 for "biggest Pride Parade ever" in Antwerp

The Antwerp Pride Parade has attracted about 120,000 people, police have revealed. The parade took place this afternoon and was one of the highlights of five days of Antwerp Pride, the festival for the LGBTQ+ community. While it is a big party in the first place, participants also want to underline that they are still feeling discrimination and hate speech in the year 2022.  

This year's edition, the fifteenth, is said to be the biggest ever, with 65 delegations. They do their thing on big platforms pulled by lorries. There are delegations from the Antwerp Police Zone, the Flemish Opera and Ballet and almost every political party among others. 

The parade combines a positive atmosphere with a message of protest, as discrimination is still looming around the corner. 

The event attracts big crowds: there were talks of about 150,000 enthusiasts but police released a figure of 120,000 in the late afternoon. Fountains and drinking water points had been installed to make sure everybody drinks enough on this particularly hot day, but still some people had physical problems due to the heat. Police had warned motorists to avoid the city centre this afternoon. 

The party continued after the parade. The Love United festival kicked off around 3 pm at the Scheldekaaien. The Antwerp Pride ends on Sunday with the Closing Festival.  

VIDEO: participants are gearing up for the parade.

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Nicolas Maeterlinck

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