Antwerp ranks third on international list of most bicycle-friendly cities

The city of Antwerp has been awarded third place in the "Global Bicycle Cities Index 2022", behind Utrecht (Netherlands) and Munster (Germany). However the Bicycle Union, the umbrella organisation defending the interests of cyclists, puts things into perspective. "The good result comes despite rather than thanks to the city policy."

The Global Bicycle Cities Index compares 90 cities using criteria based on infrastructure (such as sharing and rental stations or the number of bicycle repair shops), crime (e.g. theft), safety (e.g. the number of road accidents), sharing scores and events (e.g a car-free day). Click here for more information.

The Antwerp Alderman for Mobility Koen Kennis was delighted with the score, sharing the news in a tweet. "Together with our local residents, we want to turn Antwerp into a real cycle city. We will keep on investing in infrastructure." 

These investments are very much needed, claims the Antwerp cycling union. "Indexes like these paint a very distorted picture. In some areas, we are doing very well, like with the bicycle sharing system. But indexes do not reflect a policy. The city got third place thanks to events like the car-free Sunday, but has a poor score for infrastructure. We find the investments in cycling infrastructure below par. I would say that the good score comes despite rather than thanks to the local policy", says Renaat Van Hoof. 

Copenhagen and Amsterdam follow in 4th and 5th place. Brussels ranks 56th.

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