Hottest 14 August on record as heatwave continues, but change is coming

Belgium is having its hottest 14 August since records began in 1833. In the early afternoon, a temperature of 31.1 Celsius was measured, breaking the previous mark of 31.0 degrees from 1911. However, the weather is about to change.  

The upcoming change is heralded by light, high clouds during the course of the day. More clouds should arrive in the afternoon and the evening. The coming night could see a local thunderstorm or shower (mostly in southern parts of Belgium), with chances of rain increasing across Flanders during the course of Monday. 

Nature deperately needs water, but the VRT's weather presenter Bram Verbruggen warns that the showers will be local. Some places will remain arid, while others will be lucky to have some rain. Temperatures in Flanders will remain above 26 or 27 degrees on Monday, which means that, technically speaking, the heatwave continues. 

Tuesday will be dry and a little hotter, but as from Wednesday it will become cooler with new chances of showers. Showers can be quite intense in some places. On Wednesday or Thursday, the maximum temperature is expected to drop below 25 Celsius, marking the end of the heatwave. 

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