Flanders to help SMEs save water

The Flemish Economy and Innovation Minister Jo Brouns (Christian democrat) has announced that from the end of the year all small and medium-sized enterprises in our region will be offer a water consumption audit, a so-called “Water Scan”. The audit will identify measures to enable them to save water. 

Currently large companies are obliged to carry out regular “Water Scans”. From the end of this year all SME’s that consume at least 500m³ of water will be able to have their water consumption audited free-of-charge. An expert will visit them and scrutinise their water consumption. 

Around three weeks later they will receive a detailed balance of their water consumption and a list of suggestions for measures to save water. 

Blue Deal

In addition to this a second round of water preserving measures as part of the so-called Blue Deal were also announced. Currently the 12 projects are supported as part of the Blue Deal. 

The projects have resulting in the 8,500m² of water less being consumed annually than would otherwise have been the case. Mr Brouns feel that this is too little and wants to go much further. He told a press conference on Tuesday morning that saving water is not always at the top of companies list of priorities. 

The “Water Scans” will make it easy for companies to gain an insight into their water consumption and the potential for saving water. “This is not only good for the environment, but also good from a financial point of view”, Mr Brouns said.

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