Postcard from French riviera arrives in Mechelen after 63 years: who is miss Meysmans? 

A man living in Mechelen was in for a big surprise when he found an old postcard in his letterbox: the postman had delivered a holiday postcard which had been sent in ... 1959. He has started a search for the person to whom the postcard was sent.  

Paul Foster lives in the Bergstraat in Mechelen. He hadn't even been born when the postcard was actually sent. "I hadn't spotted the exact date at first, but I saw the card was not meant for me. So I thought it had been delivered at the wrong address, but actually the address was correct." 

Later, he noticed the exact date on which it had been sent. The card was addressed to a certain miss (mademoiselle) Meysmans and Marie. "They must have lived here long before me. Nobody in the neighbourhood knows them, apparently." He still hopes the real "owners" will turn up. "The story made the headlines in the papers and on TV and radio, I hope this will lead to something."   

The holiday makers in April 1959 wrote that there was some wind in Menton at the French riviera (Côte d'Azur), but that it was warm in the sunshine. They enjoyed their trip and made the most of the good air. 

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