ReLife, isolatie met hennepvezels

An extra 1 billion euro set aside for loans and grants to those making their homes more energy efficient

The Flemish Government will provide an additional 1 billion euro in funding for loans and grants to homeowners that carry out renovation work to make their properties more energy efficient before the end of the current legislature. The extra funding was announced by the Flemish Energy Minister Zuhal Demir (nationalist) in an interview with Saturday’s edition of the daily ‘De Tijd’. 

Under the scheme, households will be able to receive grants of up to 25,000 euro and up to 60,000 euro in interest-free loans in order to help them carry out renovations that will increase the energy efficiency of their homes.  

The Flemish Government wants to speed up the pace at which homes in our region are made more energy efficient. Not only will this help reduce CO2 emissions, but it will also act to counter the impact of spiraling energy bills on family budgets.

Currently, just 5% of homes in Flanders have an A rated energy performance certificate. By 2050 all houses and flats in our region will need one.

A new web platform ("MijnVerbouwPremie") will also be launched on 1 October 1. The site offers information on all the various renovation grants that are available an who is entitled to them. Almost two-thirds of Flemings are entitled to a renovation grant of some kind. 

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