Green party reveals new logo, suggests to put a maximum price on energy

The Flemish green party "Groen" has revealed a new logo.  The presentattion was part of "Refresh", a weekend in which the greens have revealed their new plans. They have, among other things, put forward the idea to set a maximum price for energy.

Seeing a psychologist should become as easy as seeing your GP, travelling through Europe by train should become cheaper and children from vulnerable families should have free meals at school: these are some of the suggestions that the Flemish greens are making.  

Co-chairs Nadia Naji and Jeremie Vaneeckhout say the focus of Groen will be on tackling climate change and discrimination in society and improving mental well-being. "The environment and the climate are the biggest challenges of our time", they say.  

About the deepening energy crisis, Groen said they want to have a maximum price for energy. This is being discussed on a European level, but if these talks does not yield any result Belgium should take action on a national level, Groen demands. The party believes there are options to set a legal framework, but admits talks with the sector will be needed. "Our PM (Alexander De Croo, a Flemish liberal) is the ideal person for this." 

Mr De Croo points to the fact that the EU is busy dealing with the subject. He can't promise yet that Belgium will act alone if Europe can't clinch a deal. 

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