Tourist icon Atomium is back!

After a dip during the pandemic the Brussels Atomium has regained its place as one of the landmark tourist attractions of Brussels.  In recent months more people visited the attraction than in the summer of 2019 when a new record was set.

The success of the Atomium also reflect the resurgence of Brussels as a tourist Mecca.  So far this year 420,000 people visited the Atomium.  In July and August alone visitor numbers topped 162,000.  The figure is several thousand higher than in the pre-pandemic summer of 2019 when 158,000 people visited.

It's not only Belgian tourists who are paying a visit.  Also for visitors from the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain the Atomium is a tourist icon.

Belgians make up half the visitor total with half of all Belgians hailing from Brussels.  The Atomium is popular among families and people of all generations.

The digital art exhibition Symbol that is on at the moment runs till the end of the year.

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