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Explosion rocks Antwerp’s Eilandje

An explosion has occurred in the Eilandje district of Antwerp. The explosion rocked a former commercial property in the Zeevaartstraat in the vicinity of the MAS Museum at 5:30 this morning. 

The property’s door was damaged but nobody was hurt.  Forensic scientists and members of the army bomb squad attended the scene that was cordoned off.  The police have launched an investigation.

Police suspect professional fireworks or an incendiary bomb were used in the attack that targeted an empty commercial property.  The building is of historic value and is owned by export company Leon Van Parys.

The bars on the door and its glass were damaged.     

The Eilandje district is situated north of the city centre in the old docks area.  It has become gentrified in recent years.

The northern port city of Antwerp has been the scene of numerous explosions in recent months that are usually linked to disputes among drug-traffickers.  Police are somewhat puzzled by the location of the present explosion that doesn’t fit the pattern.

Foto: Radio2
Foto: Radio2

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