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Plenty of wind outside the cathedral and ‘Amazing Grace’ inside at the Wedding on Princess Maria Laura and William Isvy

After Saturday morning’s civil ceremony Princess Maria Laura’s wedding to William Isvy became official in the eyes of the Church with a religious wedding ceremony held in the splendour of Brussels Cathedral on Saturday afternoon. For the church ceremony the bride had changed out of the white Prada dress she had worn earlier at Brussels Town Hall into a stunning wedding dress with a 4-metre-long veil. 

It was something of a task for her bridesmaids to keep the veil steady in the strong wind that blew around Brussels Cathedral as the bride and her father entered. Several female guests, including Queen Mathilde were forced to hold on to their hats to prevent them from blowing away. 500 guests attended Saturday afternoon’s ceremony at the cathedral. 

34-year-old Princess Maria Laura is the oldest daughter of King Filip’s younger sister Princess Astrid and her husband Prince Lorenz. She lives and works in the UK capital London. Among the 500 guests were the entire Belgian royal family. Princess Maria Laura wore a wedding dress designed by Vivianne Westwood, her outfit included a 4-metre-long veil and a tiara that she had borrowed from her mother. 

The ceremony got under way with a rendition of the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’. 

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