1,000 euro grant to be given to nursing graduates

The Flemish Health and Welfare Minister Hilde Crevits (Christian democrat) has announced that nursing students in Flanders that graduated at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year will each be given a payment of 1,000 euro. The payment is being made to compensate for the long and intensive work experience placements that nursing students face during their final year. 

Furthermore, “With the current staff shortages in the caring professions we have every interest is making nursing courses as attractive as possible”, Ms Crevits said.

Last year student nurses already received a payment of 1,000 euro from the Flemish authorities to help cover their expenses. Then the reason given was that a few years ago the duration of a bachelor degree course in nursing was extended from three to four years.

This means that a bachelor degree course in nursing is the only bachelor course that takes four years to complete. This year too students that have completed their nursing degree will be given a one-off payment of 1,000 euro.  

The Flemish Health and Welfare Minister explained that "Their final year consists for a large part of work experience placements and there are expenses that are incurred as a result, for example transport costs”. Ms Crevits went on to say that the payment will be made automatically to all nursing students that graduated from a Flemish nursing collage in 2022.

She believes that the payment is a way of making nursing courses more attractive. "It is important that we stimulate a lot of young people to choose a career in care. We need to make these kinds of jobs more attractive, but also value training for these jobs more”.

"By making this payment we are sending out a clear signal to the new graduates. Their skills are invaluable”, Ms Crevits added.

The payment will only be made to those that have graduated with a bachelor degree in nursing. No payment will be made to those that successfully completed the three-year HB05 nursing course. 

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