“We showed the world what was possible” says Flemish America’s Got Talent contestant

Fleming Chris Umé has failed in his bid to win “America’s Got Talent”, the televised American talent competition.  Umé brought Elvis back to life in a deepfake video but finished fourth in the final.

Umé and his Metaphysic company use Artificial Intelligence to give somebody a different face in a video.  In the final they brought a young Elvis back to life.

Undaunted by his fourth place there is no disappointment to be heard in his voice when Umé speaks with VRT News: “Our team were fourth out of 400 contestants.  I’m so proud of what we have accomplished here.  We didn’t have to win this competition.  We wanted to show the world what was possible.”

Umé’s team have already been contacted by the heirs who possess the rights to Elvis’s image and are seeking a long-term co-operation: “This means our work is really appreciated” Umé notes.

The technology used should allow the creation of actual Elvis concerts featuring the deceased singer thanks to the presence of an Elvis imitator.  On the big screen the imitator’s face will be replaced by that of the King. 

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