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Car Free Sunday in Brussels and across Flanders

It’s Car Free Sunday in a string of Flemish municipalities today.  The Flemish capital Brussels too is marking European Mobility Week with a Car Free Sunday on 18 September.  

European Mobility Week runs from 16 to 22 September with the Car Free Sunday as its most noticeable feature.  Car Free Sunday is being marked today in 32 Flemish municipalities and also in Brussels.  Towns taking part today include Aalst, Ostend, Lier, Bilzen and Mechelen.  Towns like Tongeren, Leuven, Hasselt, Turnhout, Temse and Poperinge too are staging a Car Free Day but either earlier or later in the year.

The Car Free Day means there are severe restrictions on mobility for motorists and motorised vehicle traffic.  Here in Brussels the restrictions run from 9:30AM till 7PM.

European Mobility Week is an opportunity for municipalities across Flanders to stage events during which cyclists and pedestrians are King of the Public Highway.  On 16 September parents and schoolchildren were encouraged not to use the car to get to school at least once a week and to travel by bike or on foot. Fewer cars mean a quieter and safer atmosphere around schools but also that pupils can concentrate more readily.

This year Brussels is marking European Mobility Week under the theme “Make Brussels a City for Children”.  Actions at the school gate are intended to show more needs to be done to make the public space a space for children.

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