One person perishes in hospital blaze at Ghent A&E

One person is dead after a serious fire at the Maria Middelares Hospital in Ghent, capital of East Flanders.  The blaze broke out in an isolation unit at the hospital’s Accident & Emergency department on Sunday morning.

Fire-fighters were swiftly at the scene and quickly had the blaze under control.  Police and the East Flemish prosecutor’s office are examining the cause of the fire and have not yet commented.  The hospital has expressed support for all those impacted by the blaze.  The safety of all patients is now guaranteed.

The A&E had to be evacuated during the fire and remains closed. Patients arriving at A&E are being sent to other hospitals.

The rest of the hospital remained unscathed and Maria Middelares says it is still a safe venue for pregnant women about to give birth.

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