City of Brussels OKs 18°C for offices

The City of Brussels has decided to lower the temperature in all its buildings to a maximum of 18°C in a bid to stave off the energy crisis.  The city authorities hope the measure will cut energy bills as well as greenhouse gas emissions.  Brussels City council OKed the measures on Monday.

The measure will affect all offices occupied by the City of Brussels.  During working hours thermostats will go to 18°C.  At night-time 16°C is the new normal.  In spaces where physical activity is undertaken by staff thermostats will go to 15° C.  In spaces left unoccupied for 48 hours the temperature will be allowed to fall to 8°C.

Temperatures in schools are also being modified.  Classrooms will be heated to 19°C, corridors to 14°C and sports halls to 15°C.  In shower areas the target is 22°C.  In occupied childcare facilities temperatures of 20°C can be expected.  In unoccupied areas temperatures will be allowed to fall to 16°C.

Theatres will be heated to 18°C during shows falling to 16°C at other times.  Museums will be heated to 18°C in order to preserve the collection.  15°C is the new norm at sports facilities.  The water at indoor swimming pools will be heated to 27°C, while energy consuming infrastructure including saunas will be closed.

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