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Powerful portrait honours student who died during hazing

A giant mural commemorating Sanda Dia now honours the student, who died during a hazing, in an auditorium at Leuven University.

It was Sanda’s friends who suggested this tribute that was painted by the German artist Case Maclaim.

Sanda Dia’s death left nobody unmoved. “There was so much support from so many quarters.  It makes us think we must honour Sanda in as many ways as possible” says his friend Lucas Serrien.  “We need to do this in a positive way, a way that allows Sanda to live on as the optimistic, hearty friend he was.  This mural is a fantastic tribute that we all support”.

The mural came about with the help of the organisation “All About Things” that is famous for the Crystal Ship art festival in Ostend.  All About Things’ Bjørn Van Poucke: “We have an awful lot of experience with participation.  This participation project took two years.  We took the time to talk with everybody, friends and family.  I hope it is noticeable”.

The conversations lead to the realisation a photorealistic work was needed.  Street artist Case Maclaim was entrusted with the execution.

“He’s an artist who searches for the soul” says Bjørn. “He has produced an exceptionally honest, serene and powerful portrait of Sanda”.

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