Shopkeepers take action to cut energy costs

Comeos, an organisation that represents Belgian store and online retailers of goods and services, says hundreds of shops intend to introduce energy-saving measures starting 1 October.

Thermostats will go to 19°C and during hours of trading doors will remain closed as much as possible.  After hours as many lights as possible will be turned off.  Illuminated signs, window lighting and lights on carparks will be turned off an hour after the stores close. The measures will last all winter.

“We decided to agree on measures with our member businesses and not to wait till somebody else takes the decision” says Comeos CEO Dominique Michel.  “Hundreds of shops have already given a commitment to take energy-saving measures stating 1 October”. 

“The efforts will lead to considerable savings” says Michel.  “Lowering the thermostat by 1-degree results in a 7% saving in heating costs.  Cutting lighting after hours can save up to 15%”.

Comeos also wants to signal to consumers the need to cut energy consumption:

“We want to encourage people to do the same at the office and at home.  We won’t stop till energy prices go down again.  A number of measures will be here for good, even after the energy crisis is over”.

Exceptions will occur.  In some cases store doors can’t be closed due to fire safety reasons.  “Some lights will stay on to deter burglars” says Dominique.  “19°C in a restaurant is possibly too cold!  We are certain our efforts will be visible and will receive a positive response from clients”.


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