Defendant steals judge’s bankcard

A court has convicted a 30-year-old for stealing a judge’s bankcard.  The judge in question was about to preside over another case in which the young man was a defendant.

At the beginning of the year Moussa M. from Deurne (Antwerp) had been ordered to appear in court in Mechelen (Antwerp Province) on charges relating to cybercrimes.  On 7 January, several days after Moussa had been freed from jail following an earlier conviction, he took a look in the judge’s room at the courthouse.  There he stole the wallet and judge’s card of the magistrate who was to preside over his case. 

The court session relating to the case of cybercrime was postponed that day and when this became clear Moussa went shopping at a supermarket in Antwerp and used the judge’s bankcard to pay for his purchases.  He also tried to withdraw cash from an ATM.

Evidence provided by a court clerk allowed Moussa to be identified as a suspect.  The Antwerpian has form with 5 earlier convictions for aggravated theft, IT fraud and GBH.

Moussa was sentenced to two years in jail and an 800-euro fine for various thefts including that of the judge’s bankcard.

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