Students face simulated fire in escape room

Figures from Ghent fire service show that nearly half the student digs checked for fire safety last year didn’t comply with the requirements.  In order to increase awareness of the need for fire safety the Ghent fire service will be manning an escape room at next week’s Student Kick Off, a welcome day for all Ghent students, staged on the Sint-Pietersplein next week Wednesday.

Last year the Ghent fire service checked 100 student lodgings in the East Flemish capital.  As nearly half didn’t comply with fire safety the local fire service will be the first in the country to take an escape room to the welcome day for Ghent students in the hope it will increase awareness of this threat.

“The escape room is a container set out like student digs.  Students entering the escape room will be tested on their knowledge of fire safety.  Next week’s Student Kick Off on the Sint-Pietersplein is a terrific opportunity to reach out to students and provide tips on what they need to look out for when renting digs” says Margot Lefevere of the Ghent fire service.

“Students will have to try and escape from a simulated fire in the escape room.  This they can only do successfully when they know how to use a fire extinguisher correctly”.

The fire service container gets its first outing next Wednesday but will visit other venues in forthcoming months.

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