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Valerie’s easy tips to cut energy bills

There is a raft of simple measures you can take to cut energy bills.  VRT’s Valerie Vanhelden has been looking at what easy action you can take to save money.

Energy expert Alex Polfliet recently took to Twitter to call on people to list simple energy saving actions everybody can easily take: “Many homes let the generated heat escape through doors and windows” says Alex.  VRT News has been looking at what you came up with!

Don’t let hot water run away immediately.  Use a plug in the sink.  In this way you can retain excess hot water in the room and that helps to heat your living space or as Alex would put it: “Don’t pour heat down the drain”.

Consumers may choose to replace energy guzzling appliances by brand new energy efficient ones or renovate their homes and install insulation, but Valerie says not everybody can afford that, while many simple measures can easily be taken without endangering home comfort.  Taken altogether they will impact on your energy bill!

Dry yourself in the shower.  After a hot shower heat will linger in the shower cubicle.  In this way you don’t need to heat the entire bathroom!

Air you home briefly! Open your windows all at the same time for three minutes.  In this way your living spaces have been aired but the cold doesn’t have the time to lower the temperature of your furniture and other household goods. 

Iron in your living room! In this way the heat from the iron isn’t lost to a space that you won’t be using for the rest of the day.

After cooking, open your oven.  The oven’s heat will spread in the room.

Valerie also encourages us to use all our appliances smartly!

Make sure your freezer is filled to capacity.  You can even use empty packaging filled with water.  In this way it’s a cinch for your freezer to maintain the necessary temperature.

Often water in the water boiler is hot enough before it turns off automatically - Here you can intervene and turn the water boiler off sooner!

Use a lid when you are cooking.  “This isn’t possible with all recipes” says Valerie, but when it is, you should do it!

Avoid unnecessary energy consumption: when an appliance is not in use, pull the plug out!

Valerie also recommends you make cutting down on energy bills fun.  Invite friends round regularly to prepare meals together.  That will save gas, electricity and heating.  More body temperature will also help heat the room Valerie says!

During the winter months with the thermostat lower a lot of people will be wearing extra jumpers.  Another way you can stay warm is by snuggling up to other people or at least congregating in the same space.

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