What are the most effective measures to cut energy use?

A survey conducted by energy supplier Luminus reveals that eight out of ten Belgians are already trying to cut energy costs and their energy bills.  Luminus’s Nico De Bie told VRT what the most effective measures you can take are.

The most popular ways people think they can cut down on energy consumption are not always the most effective.  Two-thirds of people are cutting down on lighting but Nico says the impact of not turning on as many lights as usual is rather modest: “That will impact your electricity bill, but it’s above all your gas bill you need to tackle, that is the biggest outlay. By changing all your bulbs to LED lamps you can still save 5% on your electricity bill.  That works out as a saving of 166 euros a year”.

“You can make the biggest impact on your bill by cutting down on gas consumption.  Putting the thermostat one degree lower will, at current energy prices, save you 500 euros a year. Good maintenance of your boiler will save you 700 euros a year”.

Of the 2,000 consumers contacted during the last week in August just half indicated that they would be reducing the temperature in their homes. “Half of all people say they will be using less hot water too.  You can see there is still great potential for savings” Nico notes.     

Investment in your home can result in energy savings too: renovations and insulation all help as does the installation of solar panels. 44% of respondents are considering getting solar panels.

The energy company says more and more people are increasing the amount of their advance payments for their energy bills in order to avoid surprises.  It’s a development the energy company welcomes.  Luminus suggests people should check their meters every month to see if their advances still cover their use.

The company is no longer offering fixed price contracts but will honour all running contracts.  “As a supplier we need to offer customers a new contract proposal two months ahead of the end of the old one” says Nico.

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