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Commuters stuck in Antwerp Central Station due to fire in nearby street

A major fire in the Vestingstraat on Friday morning led to most of the entrance and exit doors at Antwerp Central station being closed. Only the doors that lead to and from the Pelikaanstraat were meant to have been closed. However, a misunderstanding meant that the doors that lead out onto the Mediaplein were also locked. This in turn meant that passengers were unable to enter or leave the station. Fortunately for them the mistake was quickly resolved. 

The emergency services were present in numbers after a major fire broke out in Antwerp’s Diamond District. This lead to the closure of the Pelikaanstraat and the station's entrance and exit doors that open onto the Pelikaanstraat were also closed. However, a mistake meant that the doors at the back of the station that lead to the Mediaplein were also locked, leaving commuters unable to enter or exit the station.

Commuter Laura Wouters told VRT Radio 2 Antwerp that ‘All the sliding doors were locked and were indicated to the police that we wanted to get out, but they said that we couldn’t. We then went to the underground carpark to get out through there. When a car drove out were ran like ants after it to get outside. Once we were out we saw that there were still people stuck inside the station”.

The fire broke out at around 5:45 am in an empty building on the Vestingstraat. It soon spread and was difficult to extinguish. A Civil Defence Service drone was used to help the Antwerp Fire Service asses how best to tackle the fire.



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