Sharp rise in the number of people testing positive for coronavirus

The public health science institute Sciensano has released the latest figures on the coronavirus pandemic in Belgium. They show a significant rise in the number of people testing positive for the virus. Meanwhile, there is also a slight increase in their number of people with COVID-19 that are being hospitalised. 

During the week from 13 to 19 September an average of 1,947 positive PCR test results for coronavirus were recorded in Belgium each day. This is 17% up on the average during the previous 7 days.

During the same period an average of 10,200 PCR tests for coronavirus were carried out in Berlgium each day. This is too is 17% up on the previous week. Of those tested 19.6% tested positive for coronavirus. This is around the same percentage as during the previous week.

The basic reproductive rate (R0) for coronavirus in Belgium stands at 1,05. This means that every 100 people with the virus infect an average of a further 105 others. 

Hospitalisations and deaths

During the past 7 days (16 to 22 September) an average of 58 patients with COVID-19 were admitted to hospital in Belgium each day. This figures that only includes those admitted specifically due to the ill-effects of COVID-19 is up 4% on the previous week.

There are currently 731 patients with COVID-19 in the country’s hospitals, a rise of 3% on a week ago. This figure includes all patients that have tested positive for the virus, including those that were admitted for treatment on other ailments.

Of those hospitalised 51 COVID-19 patients are on ICUs. This is down 9% on a week ago.

During the week from 13 to 19 September an average of 3 people with COVID-19 died in Belgium each day. Since the onset of the pandemic here in March 2020 32,645 people with COVID-19 have died in Belgium.

So far around 1.3 million people in Belgium have been given a second booster jab to better protect them against coronavirus during the forthcoming autumn and winter.

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