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Belgian PM says “there is no room for neutrality” in Ukraine conflict

The Federal Prime Minister Alexander De Croo used an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Friday to condemn Russia’s aggression against and war crimes in Ukraine. Mr De Croo went on to describe the Russian President Vladimir’s recent threats of the possible use on nuclear weapons as being "much more reminiscent of medieval barbarism than of Russian greatness.”

In a reference to the reason for the setting up of the United Nations not long after the end of the Second World War, Mr De Croo said that the UN had been founded “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war”.

"If today, the world is less stable and less secure, it is because one of the founding members of the United Nations has trampled on the principles of territorial integrity and national sovereignty and unleashed a war that reminds us of Europe’s darkest hours,” the Belgian Prime Minister said.

Mr De Croo added that “We are living in one of the darkest moments since the birth of the United Nations. Faced with Russian aggression and, indeed, war crimes, the UN is challenged to fulfill its calling.

"Everyone in this room, every single country, will one day be asked 'What did you do to stop this? What did you do to protect the people of Ukraine? Did you look away, or did you act? In this conflict, there is no room for neutrality."

War crimes

Speaking about alleged war crimes committed in Ukraine, Mr De Croo was clear. He says that all alleged war crime should be thoroughly investigated and those found to be responsible brought to justice.

“There will never be peace without accountability,”

“We support the ICC fully investigating and prosecuting in the case of all serious crimes committed in Ukraine. There is no room for impunity, not for the butchers of Bucha and definitely not for the leaders in Moscow who are calling the shots and bear the ultimate responsibility.”

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