Budget talks halted on Saturday after Health Minister falls unconscious

A meeting of the Flemish Cabinet to discuss the annual budget and policy statement that is due to be given on Monday came to an abrupt end on Saturday after one of the participants became unwell. The emergency services were called after the Flemish Health and Welfare Minister lost consciousness during Saturday evening’s session of the talks. 

There had been speculation as to whether the talks would resume today. Ms Crevits, who is also the Christian democrats’ Deputy PM in the Flemish Government has been told by doctors to rest for several days. 

On Sunday morning it was announced that the talks will resume at 2pm without Ms Crevits. Her party colleagues and Flemish Ministers Benjamin Dalle and Jo Brouns will take on responsibility for negotiating on behalf of Ms Crevits at Sunday’s talks. 

The aim is to reach an agreement that can be put before the Flemish Parliament tomorrow in what is know as the “September Declaration”. Ms Crevits became ill at around 7pm on Saturday. She was taken by ambulance to hospital for a check-up and is now resting at home.

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